What kind of website is this?

At its most basic, it is an automated link curation site. We have some sites we find interesting and automatically pull headlines from those site. We don't chose the stories from the selected news sources. We may rotate websites from time to time for any reason.

It seems some of your sites lean too far right?

That is all a matter of opinion. Some may believe that the mainstream media leans too far left. We are just providing a platform for people who don't want to get their news, opinions and commentary from MSN, Yahoo, The Washingonton Post, etc, etc.

Do you monitor your site for offensive content or hate speech?

Absolutely not! First off, our content is generated automatically and literally may change by the minute so this is not possible. Even if there was offensive content, we do not treat our readers like children and allow them to decide for themselves what is acceptable to read and not read. We believe the First Amendment protects all forms of speech and most importantly unpopular speech.

What do you not tolerate?

We do not tolerate using this site as a means to threaten another human being with violence, doxing or threat of property. We do not allow using this site to violate any law or code of the United States of America.

Do your write any news?

We do not write any news and only curate articles and thus do not endorse any article linked from this site. Linked articles have a very short "shelf life" and will typically be removed permantly from this site within 24 hours or less.

Can I contact you?

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