Privacy Policy

What Information We Collect

We collect basic information about your browser, operating system, loction and time of visit using the third party companay website, Statcounter.Com. You may read about how and what information is collected in their Privacy Policy. If you don't wish to have your statistics tracked you can simple install the Disconnect extension on your browser.


We use A-Ads for our display ads. A-Ads does not leave cookies on your computer, use Flash or Javascript. You may read their their Privacy Policy

Improving Your Privacy

You may improve your privacy and limit the amount of information we collect and for that matter, any website, but following a few simple steps.

  • Install and use a VPN. My VPN recommendation is ExpressVPN, they are secure, seriously fast and you get 30 days free.
  • Install and use the Tor Browser
  • and use the Tor Browser correctly.
  • Install AdBlock or Ublock Origin and Disconnect extensions on your Chrome or Firefox browsers. Adblock or Ublock blocks ads on websites and speeds up your web browsing considerably. Disconnect blocks trackers and unwanted cookies. For instance with Disconnect, my web stat provider Statcounter, would be rendered useless.